A description of the slide rule as a mechanical device used by mostly engineers and scientists

All premium slide rules had numbers and scales engraved, and then filled with paint or other resin. Maker's name Ellis Bros.


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History of computing hardware

Two-thirds of Republicans (67%) say either that the Earth is getting warmer mostly because of natural changes in the atmosphere (43%) or that there is no solid evidence the Earth is getting warmer (24%). The slide rule, also known colloquially in the United States as a slipstick, is a mechanical analog computer.

The slide rule is used primarily for multiplication and division, and also for functions such as exponents, roots, logarithms and trigonometry, but typically not for addition or subtraction. Though similar in name and appearance to a standard ruler, the slide rule is not meant to be used for measuring.

Computer, Telephony and Electronics Glossary and Dictionary - wsimarketing4theweb.com's award winning online glossary of computer, telephony and electronics terms. This. Fixing the Calendar CALENDARS, perhaps man's most ambitious attempt to control time, are predicated on three astronomical certainties: the earth spinning on its axis (a day); the time it takes for the moon to circle the earth (a month), and the approximate time it.

The slide rule is mechanical device used by mostly engineers and scientists for fast and accurate multiplication, division, to find roots and powers, and other simple math problems.

It consists of a fixed section with upper and lower parts marked with different logarithmic scales, a center part that slides between the parts of the fixed. This presentation, Ultra Microscopes and Cure Rays focuses on the work of Dr.

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A description of the slide rule as a mechanical device used by mostly engineers and scientists
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